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Rock Solid

The heavy full metal construction supports even our strongest wheels and keeps them stable.

Full Adjustability

Adjust the Wheel Stand to fit any person, chair shape or size and any racing wheel.

For Fanatec Wheels and Others

It works with most wheels on the market such as Logitech G27 and Thustmaster.


  • Enables the use of a racing wheel, without an extra table or desk in the living room
  • Stores away easily, within seconds
  • Attractive design while in operation or even when stored away, e.g.: against a wall
  • Solid steel construction prevents shaking, even with strong Force Feedback wheels
  • Adjustability: wheel angles, heights, pedal positions
  • Big rubber feet prevent slipping or movement
  • Compatible with Logitech G27 and Logitech G25 shifters
  • Real Germaneering®, designed in Germany.


  • All Fanatec Porsche racing wheels
  • Fanatec CSR, CSR Elite & ClubSport Wheels
  • For compatibility with Fanatec shifters, you need to purchase the optional shifter set adapter
  • Logitech: Driving Force, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force GT, G25 / G27
  • Thrustmaster: T500RS

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Über uns

Endor, mit Sitz in Landshut / Bayern, wurde im Jahre 1997 von Thomas Jackermeier gegründet, der sein Hobby zum Beruf machen wollte. Als aktiver Spieler in der frühen Anfangsphase des PC-Gamings erkannte er sehr schnell, wie wichtig das Eingabegerät für die Performance, die Realität und den Spielspaß ist. Weiterlesen


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