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Multiplatform ready

Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel is compatible with your Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 and PC.

Feel the Porsche

Excellent materials and build quality.

Independent Tunability

Adjust the wheel to suit your driving style, independently from any game or platform.


  • Original Porsche 911 GT2 steering wheel design
  • Licensed by Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH
  • Authentic metal Porsche logo on wheel
  • Wheel rim wrapped in genuine Alcantara® from Italy which is 100% the same material as used in the real cars
  • Big diameter of steering wheel with 300 millimeters
  • Gear sticks are interchangeable and can be mounted on the left or right side
  • Big ClubSport Shifter paddles made of aluminum included
    Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
    Adjust ForceFeedback strength during game play
    Adjust sensitivity independent from the game. Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel from 90° to 900°
    ABS vibration in the wheel and on the (optional) ClubSport Pedals for all games
    Change the linearity in the steering axis to get the precision of a 900° wheel and the fast movement of a 270° wheel
    Add some artificial Dead Zone to avoid shaking on straights if needed
    Customize the force feedback sensations by changing the spring and dampening forces
    Activate the drift mode to let the wheel spin faster
    Tuning functions with LED display
  • Illuminated buttons switch automatically between Xbox and PlayStation®3 symbols
  • Powerful Mabuchi RS 550 Motor as used in RC cars delivers extra strong force feedback effects
  • Additional 2 force feedback actuators in the wheel simulates motor vibrations
  • Extra smooth and silent belt drive with minimized mechanical Dead Zone
  • High resolution wheel sensor
  • Play with table / cockpit: Strong table clamps with quick release keeps everything in place. Integrated screw inserts allows a strong fixation on a gaming cockpit
  • Play without table: Fully compatible with the RennSport Wheel Stand which is available optionally


  • Xbox 360: All games which support force feedback racing wheels
  • PC: All racing games which support force feedback racing wheels
  • The vibration motors and the LED display can be activated by PC games or software-tools using the Fanatec SDK
  • PlayStation 3: Games which support force feedback racing wheels. GT5, F1 2011, Dirt 3 and many other games will work fine!

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