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Unlimited Customisation

It is only up to YOU how you design your steering wheel. Place as many buttons as you want and where you want them.

Published in Racing Wheels

Multiplatform ready

Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel is compatible with your Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 and PC.

Published in Racing Wheels

High Quality Materials

The Formula Rim for CSR Elite's high quality materials ensure that you get a long lasting and reliable product for long hours of racing.

Published in Shifters

Solid Full Metal Design

The ClubSport Shifter is entirely made of metal, which equates to mean: built-in quality, durability and reliability.

Published in Racing Wheels

The Servo Wheel for a broad audience

This wheel base is as close to a real car as you can get.

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Endor, mit Sitz in Landshut / Bayern, wurde im Jahre 1997 von Thomas Jackermeier gegründet, der sein Hobby zum Beruf machen wollte. Als aktiver Spieler in der frühen Anfangsphase des PC-Gamings erkannte er sehr schnell, wie wichtig das Eingabegerät für die Performance, die Realität und den Spielspaß ist. Weiterlesen


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