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CSR Elite Pedals

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Fully Adjustable

The new innovative design provides new tuning and setup options.

Materials and Technology

Premium quality materials and technology.

Inversion Ready

CSR Elite Pedals are fully invertible (with optional Inversion Kit).


  • Made of premium aluminum, the gas, brake and clutch pedals have improved rigidity and feel
  • Pressure sensitive Load Cell technology is used for the brake pedal to simulate the feel of a real world car
  • Fully adjustable pedals positions both vertically and horizontally. Also able to adjust spring tension and pedal angle
  • First pedals set to offer optional inversion kit. Owners can invert all or just the pedals they prefer to better fit their driving style
  • Ability to easily remove pedals from base and install in cockpits or stands
  • Can be used in conjunction with ANY wheel on the PC by using optional USB port
  • High 10-bit resolution (1024 values) when used on the PC with optional USB port


  • Connection to a PC (not console) through USB:
  • It is compatible to any racing wheel of any manufacturer
  • Connection to wheel:
  • All Fanatec Porsche 911 wheels except 911 Turbo (not "S").
  • CSR and CSR Elite wheels
  • ClubSport wheels

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